In the spring of 2005 I started a hive of honeybee's
I've been taking a lot of pictures for my own benefit and figured I'd make a webpage
since other beginning beekeepers might enjoy them.
Have fun, I am.

Web App I'm working on to display bloom dates.
This is a bunch of pictures from an inspection on May 28 2005
Box I built with a window in it.
Pictures of a horizontal hive I'm building.
Bottomless bottom board.
Observation hive
Homemade Oxalic Acid Evaporator
My hacks at making mediums out of Honey Super Cell
Video of me retrieving the bees that absconded from my O-Hive
Video of feeding dry sugar in winter.
this unusually warm weather has the bees bringing in pollen early

Here are a couple of pics from my beginning efforts to go natural cell size
deep frame with whole sheet of 4.9 mm foundation. notice how it warped at the bottom, I'm gonna cut it down to a medium
1 inch starter strip of 4.9 mm
New Observation Hive
Closeup of SC comb

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